New in Batangas: A Black Sand Paradise with Inflatable Island

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Sorry, white sand is now overrated.

At The Seashore Beach Club in San Juan, Batangas, a stretch of black sand seems to tell a different flavor of a tropical paradise.

In the horizon is the mythical Mt. Banahaw that long time ago was an active volcano. This creature's ashes are to be blamed for the black color of the beach, but should also be thanked for the raw ingredient in skin purifying and detoxifying.

When I walked on the black sand beach, I went barefoot to feel the volcanic element. In other other parts of Batangas, the sand is white.

The young Seashore Beach Club is yet to maximize the black sand. But I am sure spa houses will be reigning in the area someday.

To reach the beach club, one needs to endure a three-hour drive from Metro Manila. Commuting is a big no-no as ALPS buses do not pass by the club so another ride is needed to get to this new destination.

Upon reaching the beach club's location in Brgy. Calublub, a small road welcomes visitors with high coconut trees dancing to the tune of birds chirping from everywhere. As everyone knows, long rides lead to worthy, beautiful places.

The landscape is totally rural- no houses or developments can be seen in the distance- making the spot very tranquil, perfect for soul searchers.

On the 16th of June this year, the beach club is opening a 104-bed hotel to provide accommodation. The master-plan for the development also includes four pools, clubhouses, a restaurant, receiving area, and a huge inflatable island.

The inflatable island, named Aquaplay, can be enjoyed at P888 per person for day-tour visitors. The package includes a two- hour stay and lunch.

The Tayabas Sea where the inflatable island is stationed at is home to harmless jellyfish. Thus, kids need not panic when they see these creatures swimming with them in the open seas.

According to the beach club president, Mr. Arnell Mindanao, they are also developing other resorts in Romblon, Pagudpud, Sorsogon, Coron and El Nido.

On its third year of operation, Seashore expects Aquaplay to add more reasons for families in Metro Manila and nearby provinces to visit San Juan, Batangas and discover a new taste of tropical paradise on the shore covered with volcanic ashes.


1. The front of the beach club was covered with white soil. Black sand is naked at remaining stretch of the beach. After a few kilometers, the sand becomes white.

2. The ALPS bus ride going to San Juan from its terminal in Buendia costs P240 (one way). The beach club has no shuttle for visitors (for now). Thus, I recommend Seashore for those with private cars.

3. There are investment packages offered at Seashore. But as usual, every investor invests at his own risk.

4. It's a 2 out of 5 stars for me for now. But I think it is a promising development. I just hope the owner has the good people who will help in delivering the master plan.

5. How black is black? All of these photos I took at a rainy summer day are raw and unfiltered. I do not want to give you any false hope or any inaccurate projection of the place.

6. Mr. Mindanao was a lead broker at Avida.

7. The 3rd Club, the resort beside Seashore, is also owned by the same company. They have nipa huts that are perfect for weekend getaways. Again, these photos are UNFILTERED to give you the most factual review of the resort.

Read more about Seashore HERE.


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