Unlocking the Unknown Door of Corregidor Island

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Blogger’s Note: This is the first of the Corregidor Island series, made possible by Sun Cruises, Inc. (SCI) and Corregidor Foundation, Inc. For more information, please send an email

A 10-minute stop at the Japanese cemetery on Corregidor Island to see the series of gigantic guns that once monitored the seas of Manila against enemies could be totally confusing.

To a returning tourist who did a day tour of the island some time in 2018, the spot is the exact thing that was shown- guns, markers, the statue of “fertility” lady, and other gloomy artifacts.

But a new look at this magnificent scene would tell a new story, another piece of history that may be less known to the modern man. 

The eyes know that beyond the guns on this one piece of the 7,100 archipelago islands is a paradise, unexplored, unexploited and untouched, lost in the ocean of its historical price.

Sun Cruises, the sole transport and tour operator of Corregidor Island under the Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics Group, understands that among visitors of the island, only five percent are returning.  

I believe no one would go back to Corregidor to see the same creepy Malinta Tunnel‘s lights and sounds show-- unless you belong to the academe. 

Thus, Sun Cruises went beyond the melancholic story of the island to reveal its other gem that was once enjoyed by both Filipinos and Americans before it became a historical artifact.

A two-hour ferry ride from the Esplanade Seaside terminal across SM Mall of Asia (MOA) leads to the splendid island. 

Tramvia buses wait at the port with a tray of welcome iced tea drinks; Japanese groups usually are separated with a Japanese tour guide while other nationalities including Filipinos and Americans are given an “English- speaking” tour by someone from Sun Cruises or who is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT),

The tour will show what Corregidor was as enjoyed by civilians and soldiers before bombing from the World War II began.

At a certain altitude while on the tour bus, one could clearly see a masterpiece of nature- the Pacific adorned with the mountains of Bataan, a shoreline in the distance scattered with sparkling salt grains floating until the Manila skyline cuts in to allow the mainland in the background, an Olympic- size swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, multi-building barracks where rank-and-file Filipinos and American officials stayed with their family, a cinema house that played “Gone with the Wind” and other classic movies, churchyards dedicated to Catholics and Protestants separately, an airport for government personnel on official business on the island, a hospital facility that resembles a cross shape from above, and a tropical forest that anchor life on the entire island.

Before the Americans came to the Philippines, Spaniards had a different take on the island. 

Since it is located at the mouth of Manila Bay, Coregidor was turned into an “immigration”- type office that reviews and “corrects” shipping papers from traders traversing oceans from Asia countries and other continents to do business in the “Filipinas”.

After the Americans worked hard- with the help of Filipino prisoners- to fortify Corregidor, the island was captured by the Japanese. It was again re-captured by Americans and eventually was declared an island belonging to the Filipino people.

The tour will give the closest experience of modern history. It will bring visitors to the exact spot where President Manuel L. Quezon and General Douglas MacArthur stayed on the island, the tunnel where hundreds of Japanese soldiers committed suicide after their defeat, and the locations where huge guns were positioned to attack the enemies.

I finished the tour with a heavy heart. But past is past and we need to move forward to a brighter future with the learns lessons as a mere guide.

Sun Cruises made a historic move to give a new flavor to Corregidor that is far beyond from its historical past- a new way of not confusing visitors who want to explore both the historical significance of the island and its aesthetic relations to its sisters, Boracay, Guimaras and Palawan.


Watch out for the second part of this series.


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