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A Simple Bday Staycation at Hop Inn Pasay

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When the calendar turned on me to greet me for my birthday, I had nothing specific in mind to ask for that special day. I know I have more than enough.

I thought I was as ripe as this:

All I wanted was peace, away from the crowd. Thus, I decided to book a room at Hop Inn Pasay to spend my birthday.

The plan was simple: I and two of my closest friends would stay at a hotel room for some  "inuman" bonding. However, we realized that one of us could not do any overnight because she is pregnant.

Booking on TravelBook Mobile App

Using the TravelBook mobileapp, I booked for an overnight stay at Hop Inn Pasay. I entered my friend code so I receive rewards from the booking. Friend Code is a referral program for TravelBook. I have been using this for all my bookings with them so I could gain from my own transactions with them.

An hour after my mobile booking, I booked my Grab ride. Hop Inn Hotel is located near City of Dreams and NAIA to it is perfect for those who are waiting for their flight. After confirming my booking (I paid using my debit card when I booked), they found out that the room I booked was no longer available. The staff asked me if it is okay to use an upgraded room instead, but for the same price.  From a twin-sharing room, I was given a two-bed room.

The Room Was Clean and Bright

The room was unbelievably clean. The light blue paint of the wall makes the room pleasant to the eye. The ambiance was very calm.

ALERT: I am using photos I took using my smartphone. This is not a paid review also so I give you my 101% say on every single thing about the hotel.

I checked out immediately the view from my room. While doing online chores, I enjoyed this view of the ongoing developments in the Aseana area. As a person working in real estate, this means the future of the area is very promising.

Aaron was near the place so I asked him to buy us some dinner at McDonald’s. The hotel does not have a restaurant and the 711 store in the same building is still under construction. After eating dinner, we went out to buy  Emperador Lights, our favorite vitamin.

The nearest 711 store that time was a three-minute walk away but we need to cross streets to get there. The store did not not sell ice cubes, but because we used our charm so the crew gave us a small plastic of tube ice for free.

We finished drinking liquor before 12 in the morning and slept. The next morning, we ate breakfast at Tapa King near McDonalds before we headed back to Malacanang Village for another round of liquor!

Evaluation: My Hop Inn Ratings

What I liked most about Hop Inn Pasay is the aura of the room. It is bright and light, so I was not afraid of staying in the room alone. The size of the room was just enough for a traveler who needs no unnecessary space.

Hop Inn Pasay has a wide lounge that is comparable to three-star hotels. Guests waiting for their shuttle sit there comfortably. While waiting for our Grab car, we sat there.

The opening of the 711 store in the same building will benefit guests to a high level of convenience.

It was a satisfying experience, for me as a person who does not need much luxury in life. Hop Inn Aseana is perfect for those who are into essentials only.

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