Why Victory Liner Premiere Card is a Need

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It was the eve of a long weekend when everyone has packed up for their getaways the to beach and to the mountains. There I was growing impatient because the queue to get a ticket for a trip to Baguio was almost not moving.

My companion, John, already went out of the terminal to try his luck to another terminal. He said the line was also terrible but since he did not want to walk back, he just joined the crowd of people eager to get a bus ticket.

Here's a photo I took last year which shows a similar volume of crowd this year: 

Then comes a young lady offering Victory Liner Premiere Card which costs P300. Before I went to Victory Liner Pasay Terminal, I have already read about it.

I left the line and went to avail the card.

How to Get a Victory Liner Premiere Card
1. Show one (1) Valid ID- I presented my PRC ID
2. Pay P300.00
3. Fill out the registration form

After I got my card, I proceeded immediately to Premiere Cardholder's line which is the same line for PWDs. There were only four people standing in line unlike in the regular passenger queue which had more than a hundred.

It only took me around three minutes to get my ticket and looked for a vacant seat for me.

What's the Use of the Victory Premiere Card?

1. Gives access to the Premiere Cardholder's Line which much shorter than the line for regular passengers
2. Can be loaded as a debit card in Victory Liner Terminals for online booking on its website
3. Can be used as a debit card for online shopping on Lazada, PayPal, Amazon, etc.
4. Owners can call Victory Liner hotline (02 842-8679) to book a ticket

What is the Value of P300?

I know I am sounding a pro-capitalist herre. But I think if you are a person who values convenience, then P300 should not an issue.

I am a frequent traveler of Victory Liner, and the worst thing is that I travel during peak seasons when queues are super long. If you have been on my situation who goes home during long weekends, Holy Week, election days, Christmas season, etc. then you know the feeling of standing there for hours just to get a ticket. 

And that P300-worth of card, which is as expensive as six bottles of beer or a month long phone load allowance, can give me the exact convenience that I need. 

When I went back to Manila the next day, I found myself in a same situation of long line in Baguio. I went immediately to the Premiere Cardholder's line, presented my card, and got my ticket in two minutes. I enjoyed this while those without the Premiere Card were waiting for their turn to get a ticket.

While at Victory Liner Baguio Terminal, I had my card reloaded with a thousand pesos. Surprisingly after a week, I had to go back to Baguio again to attend the wake of a cousin's husband. I did not bother stopping by an ATM machine because I know I can purchase a ticket using the loaded Premiere Card.

I think this new service of Victor Liner is brilliant. And I have more good words for Victory: their Social Media guy is really a gem. Two weeks ago, I found myself in Isabela without a clue on the schedule of trips going back to Manila so I had to message the FB Page of the bus line. In minutes, I was given an accurate answer. That's already premiere treatment!

The Premiere Card of Victory Liner is a tool for convenience that is pricier than its P300 purchasing amount. And I am sharing this because I know it will help other passengers who are frequent passengers of this bus line.

Get one by visiting the nearest Victory Liner Terminal. Visit HERE for more details.


By the way, here's my pic when I went up to Baguio using the Premiere Card for the very first time. I was there for our tour of the flower farm in Atok, Benguet.