Batangas Resort for a Group Getaway

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Matabungkay in Lian, Batangas boasts its nearly white beach. However beyond the beach, there are other things why I love this place.

Among the reasons why I do not mind sitting on a van for two and a half hours going to Lian are:

1. Mobile signal is poor so there is an acceptable reason not to answer calls and FB messages
2.    No huge amount of people are flocking to the beach so there is enough space to breathe and enjoy
3.    I do not need to sell my kidneys to come here!

Thus when a former workmate told me that they have planned a simple getaway in Lian, I insisted to come along.

At seven in the afternoon of Saturday, we met at Jollibee near the MRT Station in Pasay. Here’s how we got to our destination- La Primavera in Lian.

Pasay City to Lian, Batanagas
1.    Van from Pasay bound for Calatagan- Located a few footsteps from the MRT station is the station for vans going to Calatagan. Drop by Altura. People stood in line waiting for the van while we started with our stories of what good and bad news are happening in our lives. Fare was P180 per head.
2.    Tricyle from Altura to La Primareva- Upon getting off the van, we were brought by a tricycle to La Primavera. Fare was P20 per head.

Lian, Batangas to Baclaran, Paranaque
1.    Jeep to town- The jeepney ride took more than 15 minutes. I think fare was P12 per head.
2.    Bus to Baclaran- We waited for a bus going back to Manila. Fare was P150 per head.

Our Matabungkay, Lian Home: La Primavera Beach Resort

When we reached La Primavera, we were led to our one-bedroom unit that would accommodate the three of us. It was a small villa worth P2,500: the room was air-con-conditioned, it has a bathroom next to the sink, and located outside was a small veranda for our shoes. 

Five minutes after fixing our stuff, we found ourselves walking to a nearby 711 store to get ourselves something to drink on the beach. However it was disappointing- all of the bottles of Emperador Lights were sold out. There were also a few guys waiting for their turn to get what they want from the liquor rack so we needed to get an alternative.

We sat by a table on the beach in front of La Primavera  which is next to around 10 resorts. There were groups already drunk and the guys next to us were drinking in front of crabs that we suspect were only props (we were waiting for them to share the crabs with us but at the end of the drinking session, we noticed they never touched the crabs).

At around four in the morning, we had to cut the fun to rest. In the morning when the daylight came knocking at the door, here’s what we saw that officially welcomed us to Matabungkay! I really had a good time feasting on the view of the boats with pop designs. 

In fact, we extended our walk to the far end of the beach. We exited through a private lot which was being developed to become another resort in the area. The caretaker came greeting us- she escorted us to avoid their dog from attacking us. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Book at La Primavera

1. HOME-READY. They know convenience. They have rice cooker and even sound system for rent. Thus you do not need to bring your entire kitchen. For those who are into snorkeling, they have got you covered, too. 

2. GOOD FOR GROUPS. They offer a wide range of accommodation from full house to one-bedroom unit. For the pricing:
Villa House- two storey house that can accommodate 15-20- guests- P12,000.
Loft Units- can accommodate 15 guests- P9,000
Regular Units- can accomodate 6 pax- P3,500
Day Tour- P100 per guest
Table Rental for day tour guests- P500 for 6 guests
Havana- P1,500-2,500 

One of the houses has a rooftop function hall fronting the beach. Here it is and other photos:

3. BEYOND THE BEACH FUN. This Matabungkay resort has its own function room, karaoke area, and grill house aside from the usual swimming pool. Since I am a person who goes to the beach without taking a dip, this is perfect for me. The karaoke room is enough for me to say I had fun.

For more information about La Primavera Beach Resort, message them HERE or just contact 0917.700.8738. 

One of the most memorable parts of this vacation was when we had lunch on banana leaf like a simple boodle fight. I ate two cups of rice.

In the afternoon, we packed our things for our travel back to Manila, back to the polluted panorama of the metropolis that reminds us to rest once in a while.


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