6 Things to Do in Naga City

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I slept the whole time when we traveled to Naga City because I was very exhausted from my visit to my brother in Caloocan. The only time I was awake was when I needed to book our hotel room, then quickly closed my eyes to re-charge my drained energy.

Before hitting the city proper, we were welcomed by a terrible flow of traffic. I was quite excited to see what Naga City is all about, and of course train our agents there how to boost their Facebook pages.

1. Stroll around Our Lady of Penafrancia Shrine

This is located a block away from the training venue, so it was easy for us to drop by the place. If you wish to visit this historic place, make sure you bring an umbrella with you.

 2. Dine at Bigg's Diner

This restaurant is the signature resto of Bicol so there is no way that you will not visit Bigg's when in the Bicolandia region. During our second night, we decided to grab some dinner there with a budget for less than P500.

3. Explore the City at Night. What I liked about Naga is that it is not that polluted and crowded. You can roam around freely and safely. 

4. Visit the Jesse Robredo Museum. Whether you are a fan or not of the late government official, it is great to learn about this humble man’s legacy in his home city. The portion where they placed the details of his accident is really creepy.

5.  Eat Bicol Express Ice Cream. There are spice levels. I picked level one to be safe with my taste buds.

6. Travel to nearby CamSur Watersports Complex. It will only take 15- 20 minutesto reach CWC from Naga. The entire panorama is very relaxing.