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What’s Inside the Jesse Robredo Museum

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Duraville Group of Companies sent me to Naga City to train our accredit sellers there in Facebook Boosting a month ago. The entire trip did not go smoothly, but I promised myself to find something that would make our business trip worthy.

Hours before our trip back to Manila, we had a brief visit of the Jesse Robredo Museum. Fortunately, the curator that time was the sibling of my workmate so we found the place in an instant with his help.

Here's a glimpse of the museum:

Here's what I like about the Museo Ni Jesse Robredo:

1. The museum is very contemporary in terms of presentation. It uses infographics and simple, short sentences that are friendly to youngsters. I did not spend much of my time reading paragraphs just to learn how the former government official made an impact on the lives of the Filipino people.

2. The museum highlights both Robredo's family life and government service. For people who are not from Bicol, Robredo is a stranger. But I could connect to him not as a government official but as a father to his kids. It is inspiring to know he is able to perform his duties from both ends. I admit that the part of the musuem that documents the toughest days of the family, it was heavy in the heart staring at those photos.

3. The museum is very engaging. There are games and videos that museum-goers can make the experience more interesting. After going through the displays, museum-goers can leave handwritten notes addressed to the former government official.

The Jesse M. Robredo Museum
4400, Naga City, Camarines Sur
Entrance: FREE