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What to Do in Daet, Camarines Norte

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When we reached the town of Daet, capital of Camarines Norte, Typhoon Jolina wanted to join our adventure. The Coast Guard has already released No Sail policy to avoid accidents, making our itinerary for the day focused on land-based adventures.

So here's our typhoon-friendly activities in Daet!

1.    Taste the Word’s Sweetest Pineapple Variety

Daet’s soil is quite promising to farmers. Thanks to the ashes from Mayon Volcano in the nearby city of Albay, that Daet’s soil is bound to grow the world’s sweetest pineapple variety- Formosa.

Thus at the office of Provincial Tourism Officer Bong Palma, we had the most delicious welcome!

2.    Museo Bulawan and First Ever Rizal Monument

A rare find in Daet is the oldest Jose P. Rizal monument that was erected two years after the national hero’s execution in Luneta in 1898. That time, Rizal was yet to be declared the National Hero.

The monument stands 20-feet tall. According to the curator of Museo Bulawan, Bicolanos in Camarines Norte were very much fond of the teachings of the patriot when in fact Rizal never set foot to their province.

He said during the revolution against Spaniards, Bicolanos were among the loyal supporters of anti-Spanish movements and they were the first sight of Katipunan outside Metro Manila. Thanks to the prowess of his books Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

In the logo of Daet, an image of the monument appears marking the patriotism of Rizal and the people who supported the national hero.

EXCLUSIVE FOOTPRINT: During the revolution against Spanish regime in the Philippines Bicolanos in Camarines Norte founded a cooperative among farmers. However, the real objective of the group was to support the vision of Katipuneros in the country’s capital in Manila.

Note: I took these photos when the weather improved days after our first visit of Daet.

Across the monument is the Museu Bulawan which houses a wide range of historic items from Bicolandia including silver spoons, tea pot, wine glass, and gold accessories of early people of Bicol.

Since the items are old and that these may be destroyed by radiation from cameras, taking of photos is not allowed inside the museum.

Here are very “golden” lessons I learned from the museum tour:

1. Gold was the reason why Spaniards were desperate about colonizing the Philippines. Forget Catholicism.
2.    Juan De Salcedo went to Daet to explore the gold deposits of the town.
3.   Pigafetta, who was with Magellan, said people on the islands of the Philippines were ornamented with gold.
4.    A Katana or knife in the museum was investigated through its serial number and it was learned to have come from Japan.

FYI: Taking of photographs inside the museum is strictly prohibited.

EXCLUSIVE FOOTPRINT: One of the past governors of Camarines Norte is Roy Padilla who is the father of Robin Padilla. Robin’s brother, Dong Padilla, is the current mayor of the town of Jose Panganiban.

3.    Bagasbas Beach & Moturista Caravan

Bagasbas Beach is known for kite diving events during summer. When we went there,  we were met with a crowd cheering for Moturista participants.

Motusta is a roadshow for motorists. At seven in the morning, more than 200 motorists lined up to race across the 12 towns of Camarines Norte. In every stop in every town, one is given a token.

In the evening when the race was over, we joined them with the party on the beach and even grabbed a bottle of beer with Northlink’s Darius.

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CAPTURING FOOTPRINTS SPECIAL NOTE: This article is published through the efforts of the Camarines Norte Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma in cooperation with the Municipal Tourism Offices, Katooga PH, and private individuals sharing the same advocacy of boosting the tourism industry of each town in the Bicol province.