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Longest: San Lorenzo Ruiz’s Zipline

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Extreme adventure in the town of San Lorenzo Ruiz in Camarines Norte starts with the rough road from the province's capital in Daet.

The zip line in this town named after the Catholic saint spans to a total of 780 meters which is the longest in the Philippines as of writing. 

Between the two hills where the stations of the zipline adventure are located is a river. The area around is vegetated with hundreds and hundreds of tall coconut trees.

Sitting: P250
Superman: P350

I waited while the other bloggers were doing the zipline. The view of the coconut trees and the cold air from the mountains is calming to someone whose current life is centered on the city.

FOOTPRINT CAPTURED. It takes 20,000 rides before the cable wire of a zip line is replaced.

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CAPTURING FOOTPRINTS SPECIAL NOTE: This article is published through the efforts of the Camarines Norte Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma in cooperation with the Municipal Tourism Offices, Katooga PH, and private individuals sharing the same advocacy of boosting the tourism industry of each town in the Bicol province.