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How to Double the Fun in Jose Panganiban

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Formerly called Mambulao, Jose Panganiban is one of the dozen towns of Camarines Norte that boasts its rich gold deposits.

Our tour of the town was quite much celebrated with the warm welcome from the mayor of the town, Dong Padilla who welcomed us to his private ranch.

Ms. Ruth Marie Forteza, the ever supportive Municipal Tourism Officer, also joined us not just to introduce the town but also in modifying our itinerary because of the rainy weather and even shared us her sister’s freshly-baked pizza and coconut bread to combat the chilly air.

JSM Yellow Green Organic Farm’s Tubo Juice

Ever wonder why the yellow and green colors in the name? Yellow represents gold while green represents agriculture.

According to the personnel at JSM, they are still holding trainings with their farmers in organic farming. He said they use the land from their mining activities to plant what is being fed to the animals there. This is called Integrated Farming wherein everything inside the farm is co-related with each other.

Inside the farm are different agri products. However, the heart of our brief visit there was to taste tubo juice. They have a machine that extracts juice from raw sugarcane.

The farm will soon be open for educational tours.

Bulalakaw Beach’s Overnight Camping

The beach is named after meteor sightings in the area. "  Bulalakaw" is a Filipino term for meteor. A lovely beach, one of the owners Dona Maria Ong, opened the property to the public.

With an entrance fee of P50, the place is perfect for overnight camping because of the size of its beach. There are cottages around for families.

When I come back there, I will bring pinewood for bonfire and a bucket of beer so I could chill with my loved ones. And when I see meteor’s I won’t wish for anything because I think I have everything what I need.

Parola Beach’s Pink Sand

Parola Beach is my new favorite beach. And I have one million reasons why I am so in love with this unspoilt Eden.

From the port, it will take only 45 minutes to reach this island. Never ever forget that you will reach a secluded island where no stores can be found so make sure you have everything in your bag before starting off to the sea.

I have written a long discussion of this exciting beach destintion that I want you to see. Read it here: CALAGUAS SIDETRIP.

A Serious Talk: Challenges in the Town's Tourism 

When we went to see Mayor Padilla's ranch located on top of a mountain overseeing both mountain ranges and the sea from afar, he discussed with us major challenges in Jose Panganiban that they are working on:

The Challenge of Accessibility

To access the town of Jose Panganiban, the easiest way is to a take bus going to Daet and then ride a van or jeep going to Jose Panganiban. This will take more than 10 hours including waiting time. It is impractical to take the plane as the nearest airport is in Legazpi City but this this requires additional one to two jeep or van rides to Jose Panganiban.

Solution: Own Airport. Mayor Padilla shared that the construction of the airport will start in December this year. The airport will cater to both locals and visitors to the province especially that the traffic to Calaguas Group of Islands in the nearby town of Vinzon is rapidly increasing. The airport can accommodate Airbus 320 flights of Cebu Pacific and other airline companies.

Furthermore, Padilla said there will be a Skyway connecting the future Jose Panganiban and Legazpi City airports. This will bring tourists fresh from their tour in Cebu and other nearby tourist hubs.

Essential Preparation to Massive Tourism

One of the interesting things that captured my attention was Mayor Padilla's idea of copying a mining tourism concept in the US which lets visitors pan for gold and let them bring home what they have processed. 

I have been to one of gold mines in the Cordilleras and I think this concept is going to be a hit to the mass.

The mayor is sure that more people will reach Jose Panganiban and nearby towns in the coming years, so they are all working to make sure that their town is ready. He talked about this list:

1.    Mall for necessities
2.    Farmer’s Market to display local produces
3.    Food chains and restaurants to provide quick food and fine dining experience.
4.    Upgrading of services of guest inns
5.    700-megawatt powerplant- brownout is common in this town

Mayor Padilla shared their plan of The Peak, a lake left by a mining company, is being groomed to be an alternative to Camarines Sur Water Center (CWC). It will become the first natural wake boarding facility in the country.

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CAPTURING FOOTPRINTS SPECIAL NOTE: This article is published through the efforts of the Camarines Norte Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma in cooperation with the Municipal Tourism Offices, Katooga PH, and private individuals sharing the same advocacy of boosting the tourism industry of each town in the Bicol province.