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How TravelBook.PH Saved My Naga Trip

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It could have been a total mess after I discovered I only have below P500 balance in my bank account. That very morning, we needed to reserve a hotel room for our two-night stay in Naga.

Growing impatient, I could no longer wait for Metrobank customer hotline to ask why my bank account had been drained (I did not know I was billed that morning for our advertising campaigns). 

How can I book a nice hotel if I had no money in the bank? Thanks to one of the advertisements I saw on Facebook.

Four hours before we could reach our destination in Naga City, I launched the travel booking app and explored a list of hotels and inns in the Camarines Sur city.

I have to admit that I do not use the booking site because most of my business trips are prepared with bookings arranged directly with the establishment wherein credit or debit card details are a need. This time, I had no money in the bank so an alternative is a need.

After I keyed in Naga City, a list of hotels and inns appeared. Both affordable and expensive accommodation options are displayed on the screen. Because I wanted to see other options, I downloaded another travel booking app. However because the hotels and inns there are expensive, I got back to the TravelBook.PH platform.

Since the map of each hotel is available to check, my companion whose parents are from Bicol examined the location of my choice. I picked O and S Residences in Barangay Bagumbayan Norte.

Most booking sites ask for credit or debit card details to get booked or reserved. However to offer a new level of convenience, TravelBook.PH has come into terms with select hotels and inns- including O and S Residences-  for a no credit card needed- pay at the hotel privilege.

I logged my details and booked right away upon verification that there is a room available for us. The pain in the butt is over as I breathed deeply knowing I will no longer worry about looking for a hotel in Naga when we reach there.

How to Use TravelBook.PH

1.    Download and install the app free from PlayStore or AppStore
2.    Register an account.
3.    Key in the location of the hotel you want to search in. A mark appears if the hotel is available for the no credit card needed feature.
4.    Use the map to know where every hotel is located at.
5.    Book by entering your details.
6.    When at the hotel, inform the staff that you booked through the platform.

Why I Choose TravelBook.PH Over Other Hotel Booking Apps

1.    The choices are budget- friendly.
2.    The app is idiot-proof. Even a granny can use it!
3.    It shows the map of every hotel.
4.    It shows ratings of every hotel to be guided with your decision-making.
5.    Pricing is very transparent. What was shown to us by the site was what was billed to us.

O and S Residences was our home for three days and two nights while conducting our Facebook Boosting sessions with Leuterio Realty agents. I left Naga City thanking my friend Pia for introducing TravelBook.PH to me.

When booking on TravelBook.PH, use this code: 0243

If you want to check out O and S Residences, CLICK HERE. Watch out for my review of the place!