Baragatan sa Palawan Highlights: Mutya, Juntahan, Street Dancing

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Save the best for last. Tension was high during the final days of Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017 as spectators make their turns to show support to their bets in the Mutya ng Palawan beauty pageant, Juntahang Palawan policy debate, and Saraotan sa Dalan street dancing competition.

According to a local, the festival did not push through last year. This year, a town is also celebrating its own fest so it got less active participation from them. Nevertheless Palawenyos have shown their full support to the activities.

Mutya ng Palawan Quizzes the Anti-Palawan Travel Advisory

Hosted by Gabby Conception and Venus Raj, Mutya ng Palawan was a big success with a huge crowd at the Cory Park cheering for their contestant. After the Talent Night, we witnessed the coronation night, set in another eveneing which was participated by stars including Edgar Allan Guzman  and Neil Perez as guest performers and judge, respectively.

I am not a beauty pageant goer, but it was easy for me to fall in love with the entire package of the show. The stage set, evening gowns, and swim wears were classy following their minimalist designs. The videos are also very contemporary so they are light and refreshing to the eyes.

In the Question and Answer portion, the contestants answered what they thought of the travel advisory against Palawan. My favorite answer was that of Ms. Puerto Princesa saying it was a reminder to be vigilant. Other contestants reiterated Palawan is safe because of government efforts. 

During the finals, Ms. Brooke’s Point, who was an early favorite, placed first while Ms. Puerto Princesa landed second. Ms. Coron was my other bet.

Juntahang Palawan on Martial Law in Mindanao

Debates are a perfect avenue to talk about policies. College students from Palawan schools gathered to argue about the validity of Martial Law in Mindanao. 

I like one of the reasoning that what is happening in Mindanao is a form of invasion and not rebellion. I think this is shared with other lawmakers in the Congress and Senate since its declaration.

While I was sitting on the bench watching the college students do their notes, I started wondering how many of them would be ending up in politics in the coming decades.

An Intense Street Dancing Competition

With P200K at stake, the towns of Narra, San Vicente and Quezon had their best street dancing routine performed on the streets for the first prize.

In fairness to the three towns, they really did a great job in executing some brilliant choreography, props and costumes, and their flashy dance moves-- all done under the heat of sun and of the road.

Narra was my bet and this team eventually won the first place. I cannot imagine how these kids danced barefoot and with broken slippers on a very warm afternoon, smiled all through out their performance, and moved different routines as the beat becomes faster and faster and faster. They all deserve their prize.

Lastly, I would like to send Mr. Sammy Magbanua, Chief of Staff of the Governor, our regards for spearheading the big event. Job well done!Thanks for accommodating us to experience  Baragatan as well. 

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