Baragatan 2017 Moments: Closer to the People of Palawan

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“Baragatan”, a native term which means “convergence”, has once again successfully gathered all towns across the Palawan Group of Islands for an enchanting celebration that features beyond the color traditions-- it has highlighted current issues affe
cting every Palawenyo on and across the island.

Known as the world’s best and friendliest island, Palawan attracts both local and foreign tourists to try its pristine beaches and laid-back, peaceful provincial life. Under the leadership of Mr. Sammy Magbanua, the Baragatan sa Palawan Fest 2017 has given the public another reason why Palawan deserves to be a top commodity in the tourism market.

Ms. Nilda Eleazar, a native Palawenyo belonging to the Cuyonon tribe, has explained to us how tribesmen of Palawan turn plants and fishes found on the island into healthy meals. Her team prepared samples of the Cuyonon dishes for us to try. And the highlights were the classic seaweeds and a pork delicacy added with nuts.

Barakalan sa Baragatan Trade & Expo

To showcase the native offerings of every town of Palawan, the Barakalan sa Baragatan has occupied the grounds of the provincial capitol. Baskets of pineapple, avocado, banana, and other fresh produces were displayed in stalls. It is hard not to notice the booths of 2Go Travel, Globe, Camella, and other companies penetrating the Palawan commercial market.

Wearable Crafts and Homestyle Roadshow

I admit that I am fascinated with handwoven stuff. Using bamboo and other weaving materials, the locals of Palawan are able to come up with masterpieces that may be a source of livelihood to families. They displayed these during the roadshow. When I posted photos of these baskets on Facebook, many were telling me to bring home one for them.

1st GJCA Invitational Table Tennis Tournament 

Table tennis is two of the most-loved sporting events in the country. This year's Baragatan, kids into this sports found themselves at the event center of Robinson's Mall to show off their athletic value.

Karaenan for the Hungry

A typical foodie, one of the highlights of my stay in one place is eating. Around the provincial capitol, stalls that offer a wide variety of dishes draws the crowd. In the evening, the place gets lively with acoustic performances in front of the provincial capitol. Through out my four-day stay there, I have hopped from one stall to another and never regretted the food I have ordered. 

 be continued!