La Union's Grape Vineyard for a European Scenery Experience

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When you think of the Philippines, images of coconut trees and white beaches flash in your mind. The sight of a grape vineyard is almost impossibility until La Union brags about its new tourist destination.

Almost four hours from Metro Manila, grape farms of La Union present a very unique experience that imitate what Italy, France and other European countries specialize in.

People flock to the farm to pick grapes and even eat them fresh. Let's take a look at these:

Trip from Baguio to La Union

After spending a day in Baguio City for our family reunion, I left for La Union. I was one of the godparents to the son of Sunshine Dela Cruz, a batch mate in college.

At seven in the morning, I rode a Victory Liner going to Agoo, La Union.

Bus Line: Victory Liner
Station: Behind SM Baguio
Destination: Agoo Basilica Church (Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity)
Fare: P60.00

Because I can converse in Ilocano, I was able to get directions from my seatmates on the bus. They told me that they are also dropping off at the Basilica Church.

At 11AM, we found ourselves getting oriented on the christening rite. We drove to a nearby resort for lunch, packed stuff, and headed to places where we could reminisce our college days.

It was literally a magical moment--I have not seen Sunshine for seven years. We started talking about our other friends and they are dealing with their own life.

What to Do in the Grape Farm

A kid, who offered his tour guiding service, accompanied us to the farm. He told us that he would not mind if we did not give him money. Afterwards, he told us that when we buy inside the farm, he gets commission.

(Photo by Raps Rapanan)

Farm: Gapus-Ancheta- Salino
Location: Urayong, Bauang, La Union
Entrance: Free
Parking: P25.00

1. Pick grapes and buy them at P350/kilo. According to the kid, in other farms that charge P100 entrance fee, the rate was P300/kilo.

2. Buy guyabano and grape wine at P80/bottle. However, the wines there are too sweet that they can be mistaken to juice. 

3. Buy dragon fruit and guaple (guava- apple).

4. Buy grape seedlings.

5. Take pictures, leave without buying, and brag about it on Facebook.

Meanwhile on My Mind

All the time, I was thinking of Keannu Reeves' movie, "Walking in the Clouds". I was mesmerized with the scene wherein they had to design wings to help trap heat in the ground.

Grapes grow in warm places so I think it is not a good idea to grow one in my home Sagada.

I had mixed emotions when I handed a 20-peso bill to the kid. I thought it was a bad idea for him if he take the money as livelihood already- many kids who take summer jobs no longer go back to school because they already tasted what it is like to have money. I hope all the kids there, who are working as tour guides,  go back to school after summer.


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