13 Baguio Secrets from an Igorot Local

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After finishing my secondary education, I moved to Baguio City to take up a degree in Communications at Saint Louis University. Baguio City is not new to me-- we come here almost every summer to be with our cousins who live in Quirino Hill, Irisan, and the nearby town of La Trinidad.

Here are secrets I want to share to you about this very lovely city.

Secret No. 1: What's the best shopping mall? Tiong San offers the most affordable goods in town. Along Harrison Road is one of the Tiong San malls that sells shoes, kitchen utensils, school supplies, etc. at a lower price. SM City Baguio is not the only mall here. Try also Tiong San and Baguio Center Mall shopping centers.   

Secret No. 2: Where to watch Pacquiao fights? The LED monitor in front of Abanao Square near Hotel Veniz flashes Pacquaio fights. The road is closed while people gather around to see the boxing event FOR FREE.

Secret No. 3: Where to get your dream wedding dress done? Go to Maharlika Center. It is located at the base of Session Road. You can also get your mobile phone repaired there. 

Secret No. 4: Where are the Igorots? Here's the Igorot standing in front of you!

Secret No. 5: Where to cross? This part of Session Road across Malcolm Square is a bit confusing. There are times when pedestrians are allowed to cross, in other cruel times it is forbidden to take this way to the former Pines Cinema. Nevertheless, this is no big deal.

Secret No. 6: Where is McDo? McDonald's Session Road was once popular spot for students and locals as a waiting area. However, the franchise owner decided to vacate the place for unknown reasons. Upon the exit of McDo, Jollibee took over the glory! McDo has moved to a spot next to their original place. So when you talk to a Baguio local, always assume that this place is still McDo Session.

Secret No. 7: What do Baguio people do on weekends? You may wonder why people in Baguio are not on streets during weekends. They are at home reading Baguio Midland Courier, the most powerful newspaper in the Cordilleras. 

Secret No. 8: Are cab drivers as gentle as gentlemen? Come on, read the news. Igorot men are the most honest in this country. They are not interested in your iPhone because they know their hectares of land can give them a hundred iPhones. 

Secret No. 9: Where to eat pizza? Go to upper Session Road. Try Volante near Sky World thrift shop. 

Secret No. 10: Where is Solibao? Aside from the original location in Burnham Park, they also have a branch near the stairs going to Baguio Cathedral.

Secret No. 11: Any Igorot restaurant? When on Session Road, try Jacks's. Also, do not leave Baguio without going to Good Taste near Baguio Center Mall and to their new branch along Otek Street. 

Secret No. 12: Are there real estate developers in Baguio City? Goshenland remains the most popular developer in Baguio City following its series of successful condo projects. However, Metro Manila-based Vista Land (Villar-owned company), DMCI, Suntrust, and Moldex have already launched their projects here.

Secret No. 13: Where to watch Panagbenga Flower Fest? Go to the balcony of Zola or other establishments in Patria De Baguio near Baguio Cathedral and help yourself to a perfect view of the street and floral parade.

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