Going the Depth of Palawan's Underground River

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The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is equated to Palawan. You can never go to that Philippine island without dropping by this world famed river.

A few days before my birthday, I found myself in a crowd of online writers going inside the river for the big experience. For almost almost a week we have toured different tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa, and I can say the Underground River is the ace.

What makes the Underground Tour a moment to remember?

1. Technologically- Advanced Presentation

Traditionally, tour guides present what the place is all about. At the Underground River, we were given an earpiece with audio recording synchronized with the spots we were visiting.

I felt I was in a National Geographic Channel presentation.

2. The Humorous Tour Guide

Days before I left Sagada, I had a small conversation with a cousin who said tour guides in Palawan are really good.

Our tour guide was a thin guy who was giving adlib while rowing the boat. My favorite part was when he whistled to the tune of My Heart Will Go On. I was really laughing hard.

3. Science and History in Front

Upon going out of the cave, I got so interested that I wanted to look for the audio recording from the earpiece. Obviously, I wanted more.

I was reminded of the stalactites and stalagmites. The rock formations inside the cave, most especially the vegetable-shaped rocks, are blessings from the Creator for us to delight in.

4. And the Business Side

I love the idea of standardizing the fee for the underground cave. I learned that all travel agencies charge the same fee.

The Underground River Board regulates the tourism industry within the zone. In fact, our tour was sponsored by the local government.

I also had the opportunity to meet the director of Ploning, Direk Angga. Once a year, he spearheads the closing of the river for days and teaching the youth to document the town believing it will never be the same in years.

The Underground River is one of the top spots making the tourism industry of the Philippines alive. I promised to go back to that area again to learn new things about it.


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