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Business Travel Tips for a Successful Roadshow

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Instead of staying within the bounds of the city, exploring the opportunities in other equally-urbanized areas inside and outside the country is a great idea for a real estate agent who is serious about making good sales.

This photo was taken on our first day of roadshow in Japan. It was set in Kamayan Restaurant in Osaka.

I noticed in our previous local and international roadshows that clients put more trust on people who come face-to-face with them instead of those they talk with via Facebook or email.

Always remember these tips I have generated from our previous roadshows and business trips:

1. ANNOUNCE ON FACEBOOK. Before your arrival in a certain city, announce on Facebook that you are traveling to that place for a specific purpose. This is the funny thing- people close to you who unexpectedly live in that area will send you a PM. They will be of great help especially when hunting for event venues and commuting directions.

2. HAVE LOCAL CONTACTS. Have two or more local contacts, unless one of your companions is from that area. These contacts may be your marketing partners or sub-agents there. If you are going North, bring someone who can speak Ilocano. If going South, bring a Bisaya teammate. The locals will help you in connecting with prospect buyers there.

3. GO FOR SMALL GROUP PRESENTATIONS. Book venues for meetings with more than 10 pax ahead of time. But for small meetings, you can try small cafes, restaurants, and parks. I recommend pushing through with small meetings with one to three clients per session. You will easily get commitment in intimate sessions where you can spend much time conversing with a prospect buyer.

4. YOUR AGENDA FIRST OF ALL. While there are many destruction, maximize the opportunity you are in that area to have sales and not to spend money. The most you could do for yourself to enjoy is to eat in local restaurants, receive a whole body massage after presentations, and a one-day tour of the place. 

When you're heading to Kuala Lumpur, discover this place after attending to your buyers!

5. CONSULT WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES. To ask for help in some technical matters, you may tap the help of local chapters of CREBA, REBAP, NREA, etc. in the area. For sure they are happy to assist you.

When you're heading to Baguio, you may courteously ask for the help of local brokers and agents there. I promise Baguio people are the nicest (especially broker-lawyer-accountant-councilor-friend Joshelle Bentrez- Bancillo). 

Did I miss a tip? Add your tip in the comment section.