Beating the Summer Heat at Pamana Beach Resort, Lorelie Island

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As early as three in the morning, we got up for the call time. Of course this is a joke because I actually got up at four when my Lancris workmates tried calling me because I was not around at the meeting place during the call time.

I was drunk. Good thing that I packed all my things so I grabbed my two bags and headed to Lancris main gate where the others are waiting for the team to be completed.

It was still dark when we hit the road. After two hours and a half, we found ourselves in front of Pamana Beach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas.

The two cottages booked to us will be available at two in the afternoon so we needed to use the waiting area in the meantime. Thus, we brought out our breakfast and used the waiting area as our temporary shelter.

Early Chill at Pamana Beach Resort

My workmates found out about Pamana Beach Resort after one of our agents from Metroland Realty posted their summer outing photos at this same beach.

Pamana Beach Resort is a simple recreational establishment with well-maintained cottages and small beach good for volleyball and team games. It does not have a pool and luxury facilities.

When we arrived, most of the rooms were occupied by Ford Alabang. My workmates started plunging into the beach while I stayed behind chilling under a tree.

In the afternoon, we occupied the two cottages reserved for us and had some team games like tug of war. The memories of our La Union Christmas Party when I was still working with New Media Services started rolling out on my mind.

After dinner a  karaoke machine was set up for us to accompany the night, although the main attraction of the night was still the bottle of Emperador Lights on the table.

Across is a Happy Island Called "Lorelie"

Two years ago, we had our company summer getaway in Calatagan, Batangas across a resort where ABS-CBN series Marina was taped. This year, I knew something special would happen, too. 

At six, we were already left for island hopping. However, it was only one island that we will visit so I jokingly said it won't be a legit island hopping experience.

Lorelie Island is a small island in Batangas glazed with crystal clear water and fair sand. Its shore could only accommodate less than a hundred.

When we arrived on Lorelie Island, a few people were already wandering around its shore taking photos and enjoying the pristine water.

Because a workmate brought her GoPro camera, we tried shooting ourselves swimming to the cam like professional swimmers.

I learned that the island is owned by former Senator Loren Legarda- Leviste. However things became confusing for us tourists or guests when we saw a signage on the island saying it is prohibited to enter the island as it is a private property (but still the advisory did not stop us to strike for a pose).

Two hours passed, we left the island. One silly observation was that the sun block I applied on my face was still visible even after hours (well, Nivea!).

Of course I would be lying if I say I did not extremely like the summer getaway. In as much as we wanted to extend the summer escapade, we needed to get back to the city to face our daily fight of marketing and taking good care of Lancris.