When in Japan: Eat Pancit Canton at Kamayan Resto

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When you miss the Philippines so badly but your wallet says you need to stay more in Japan, there is one happy haven that could give you a complete feels of Pinas. 

Kamayan Restaurant, located in Kadoma-shi Sakai-machi, cooks Filipino dishes that re-connects you with your hometown in the Philippines.

Two weeks ago, I was there to meet tens of our homebuyers. We spent hours listening to the daily struggles and colorful dreams of our kababayans, and their way of  beating life in Japan.

As real estate practitioners, we shared our kababayans tips when investing their hard-earned money.

It was cold that time, and I could not help but to order a cup of coffee before I could proceed to our other guests.

What else could I have ordered aside from coffee? Check out the menu here! 

Tita Nerry Iwai, the very approachable owner, also got these items for the Pinoy soul. I was really fascinated seeing Pancit Canton and Bagoong in the shelf.

Here are some of the very inspiring OFWs we've met at Kamayan Resto. 

To experience Kamayan, do not miss this Christmas Party they are throwing for Pinoys there! Contact Tita Nerry HERE.