What to Do in Sagada While Searching For Your Soul

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Are you heading to Sagada to look for your lost soul? Do these first.

1. Go to the Public Market just beside the old Municipal Hall. Look for Manang Salibunay and buy a bottle of Gabay wine. She will offer you different flavors. But trust me with this, ask her if she has got a bugnay flavor.

2. Go to the next stall and ask if the tomatoes in the rack were harvested in the morning of that day. Promise, you can make a very special vegetable salad out of the fresh produce. Ask for violet cabbage if it is available.

3. In front of Centrum in the town center, spot oranges that are on sale. Buy a kilo. If you want to pick oranges yourself, ask the vendor where you could do have that special experience.

4. Ask anyone where you could have Etag for lunch or dinner. It is a slice of pork meat preserved through salting and smoking. If you have that guts, go downtown in Demang and look for Uncle Pulat Bosaing. Ask if he could show you how he processes the meat. 

5. Look for Auntie Luwing in front of Centrum. She sells nilapet, a local delicacy made of sticky rice wrapped with banana leaf. That can serve as heavy snack.

6. It would be important to know more about this bell. Ask a local on the whereabouts of Aunt Alma Bagano. She will discuss how this bell was transported from the seaport to the highlands of Sagada. 

7. After getting inside this Church, it would be very awesome if you could go to Ganduyan Museum for some briefing about the history of Sagada. You would learn that this is not a Catholic Church. 

8. After knowing about Sagada's history, how about learning about the Spanish Trail. This wheel will be mentioned for sure.

After completing these eight tasks, you may now continue looking for that lost soul. It might have found its way in Sagada to meet you there.