Traveler’s Wish List: 10 Things I Wanna Do in 2017

6:18:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

When I opened this website, I simply thought of sharing you my experience in my travels whether these trips were done for work or personal gains.

Now I understand that this website is more than that. Packed with excitement, I would like to share you where I want to head this 2017.

1. Visit the ruins of Intramuros and appreciate better the history of Manila. Who wants to give me a tour inside this famous historic area?

2. See Vigan and speak in Ilocano all the time as if I were a local. Anyamettenen!

3. Visit Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong or Macau. Which one should be the first? 

4. Organize a Sagada tour for my friends. Anyone who wants to collaborate with me on this?

5. Buy a DSLR camera and help document Sagada. I know this will be a very sentimental project for me.

6. Have a traveler's planner. I want a Where to Next planner so badly. 

7. Try Couchsurfing, a platform that enables locals to host stranger visitors. This is pretty interesting, and I will definitely give it a shot this year.

8. Turn Capturing Footprints into a manual for those who travel for work, not just for leisure. I am planning to get a dedicated writer for this. Anyone you know who can help me realize this?

9. Subscribe to travel magazines and learn about the new destinations that are yet to be exploited by humanity. Any take on this?

10. Print out the best photo in every place I have been for my personal memorabilia.