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Approved: Commercial Visa for Japan Roadshow

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Going on a business trip to countries like Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Canada require visa. Last week, I was able to obtain entry to Japan on Commercial Visa for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit our Filipino homebuyers there.

Commercial Visa allows the entry of an individual to do short-term market research, business appointments, and other essential business matters in to Japan. 

As for my agenda, I will go to Japan to participate in the Roadshow organized by E-LRM, a partner broker at Lancris Residences. Delia Guinit, one of our top-performing  realtors, has spent days there inviting Pinoy homebuyers to attend our project presentation. As planned, I will spend six days there for the roadshow.

Commercial Visa Requirements

Since I am joining a Philippine company-organized roadshow (no invitation from any Japanese business or counterpart), I was asked to submit the following:

1. Passport
2. Visa Application Form with Photo ID (4.5 X 4.5 cm)
3 Daily Schedule/ Itinerary
4. Employment Certificate
5. Travel Order/Dispatch- This states that the company is sending me to Japan for the roadshow
6. Photocopy of Company ID with Social Security System Number- This is an alternative because I am yet to get my own SSS Card.
7. SSS Contribution List- Provided by our Accounting Department, this contains the amount of the monthyl premiums remitted 
8. Birth Certificate from National Statistic Office- Since my NSO birth cert is blurry, I attached my Local Registrar certificate.

Filing and Processing

I submitted my requirements to Friendship Tours in Dusit Thani, Makati and paid P1, 200 for a single entry visa. 

After five working days, my visa was released allowing me to be in Japan for 15 days.

Preparation for the Flight: Airfare, Attire

I bought winter clothes for the 15 degrees Celsius weather. I bought thermal jackets, hoodies, long pants, gloves, and a scarf at SM Surplus contratry to my boss' advice of getting the same stuff at Uniqlo (obviously, they offer the same goods at a more expensive price).

We checked out for the available cheapest flight from Manila to Kansai International Airport (Osaka). 

Because I was rushing that time, I grabbed the available seat offered by Cebu Pacific that day worth P14K. Jetstar, Philippine Airlines, and Japan Airlines also offer Manila- Japan flights.

We booked at around nine in the morning, my flight was scheduled at three in the afternoon. The roadshow has already started a day before.

Final Reminders For You

Call Friendship Tours at 0917-548-1810 (Globe) to consult first. When I called them, I explained to them my agenda in going to Japan. They cleared it out that I need a Commercial Visa and not a Tourist Visa (this requires Bank Certificate which I do not have). There are other accredited travel agencies that offer the same visa processing service for Japan.

Do not book your flight unless you have your visa at hand. We wasted a ticket for being too excited to book my flight.

Before going there, learn a few Japanese phrases. Even at Mc Donalds, I've had a hard time ordering a cup of coffee.

My stay there was magical. The Overseas Filipinos there were so kind. Tune in for more interesting stories.