Why It Is Hard Not to Fall in Love with Davao City

6:18:00 AM Christian Aligo 1 Comments

A friend once told me that it is very clean there in Davao—he worked there for more than a year so I have no reason not to believe him.

After three days of stay in the Mindanao city, I now understand why the president is not just the reason why it is not hard to fall in love with Davao.

Upon landing on the airport, my team transported our things to Pinnacle Hotel. The next day, our Investor’s Night event will kick off leaving us too many things to fix, aside from our schedule to cater to the inviting landscape of the city.

CITY TOUR. Thanks to Ms. Sylvia Austria, broker at Leuterio Realty, we were able to have a glimpse of Davao City that very morning when we arrived. Although we were really tired and sleepy, the beauty of the city never bore us.

In fact, I bought a set of fresh water pearls from a street vendor who claims to be a "good-jao" not "badjao". 

PUNCTUAL PEOPLE. Part of my job that day was to deliver an Online Selling Seminar at a local cafe. I noticed Davao people are punctual-- they told me they are Brits in terms of time management. I could not agree more.

INTERESTING DISHES. The best part of our stay there was when Ms. Sylvia brought us to Rekado Restaurant. I could say it is one of the best restaurants that I have been to.

Rekado does a twist to every Filipino comfort food. Even if the taste of the combined dishes seems weird, it always end up in the stomach very light and satisfying.

THE LUCK. We were there for the Investor's Night. Part of my major task was to entertain blogger attendees. 

It was a big moment for me, because I had the chance to bond with Charity Marces, a co-blogger who left Manila to take good care of her mother in Davao. 

That evening, we ended the event with our sales production going well.

DURIAN. My first experience to eat Durian happened in Kuala Lumpur. I did not like it. 

Honestly, I am not yet ripe to eat this fruit. 

What I like is mangosteen, a commercial name that keeps on appearing on TV with claims of miracle effects. I packed half a kilo for my pasalubong but I eventually ended up eating my own pasalubong upon returning in Manila.

What really makes Davao City a progressive city? I think it is the people's discipline. 

Davao people are disciplined not to put their waste everywhere. Their city is the cleanest place I have ever been; it is twice as clean as my Baguio City.

Ask me if I should place Davao on my 2017 bucket list. And I would say YES instantly.


Thanks for publishing a great feedback about my beloved city. It does not have the picturesque reputation of Baguio but it does a great job with discipline and cleanliness.