Holiday Ideas: 5 Places to Tour in Zamboanga

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Last World Trave Expo, I got the chance to learn about beautiful places in the Philippines. One of which I got so interested in is Zamboanga.

What I know about it is that it is near Davao since both are in Mindanao. Daylen, a friend of mine also hails from this area, has been inviting us to visit her home region.

What is interesting in Zamboanga?

1. Fort Pilar Shine- 17th Century Bastion of Spanish Colonial Rule

2. Taluksangay Mosque- Built in 1855 by Hadji Abdullah Maas NUno

3. Zamboanga City Hall- Built from 1905 to 1907

4. Regatta De Zamboanga- Highlight of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival held every October

5. Sta. Cruz Island – Pinkish- white Coraline Sand Beach

Now I have something to be part of my bucket list. For more info about Zamboanga, visit