No More Hugot: Be A More Responsible Tourist in Sagada

5:41:00 PM Christian Aligo 2 Comments

Are you one of those people who launched their journey to find their lost soul in the woodlands, cliffs and caves of Sagada?

Before reaching the town, please consider the following to become a more responsible tourist in my humble town:

1. Parking. Bring a car if you are sure the guest inn accommodating you has a parking lot reserved for you. If you park on the streets, you are adding up to the traffic problem in the small town.

2. Waste. Teach other tourists that there is no McDonald’s or Jollibee in Sagada by properly disposing your trash from your packed lunch bought from the city. This is a simple reminder.

3. Caving. Enter Sumaguing Cave if you know that you are physically fit for this type of adventure. For more information, please consult with your doctor.

4. Walk. Sagada is a “walking town” so change your plans if you are thinking of hitting Grab mobile app to bring you to the cave from your inn. 

5. Hotels. Understand that Sagada is no Singapore where you could pay a hotel room with a bathtub and 24/7 maintenance service. Enjoy simplicity in my town.

6. Food. When trying local delicacies, know that you are not obliged to like or love it. You have your own taste buds, and Sagada Igorots do not oblige you to embrace their native cuisine. Now, try etag.

7. Fee. Pay your environmental fee at the municipal hall before anything else. This may not be Biblical, but you are still mandated to do it. 

8. Respect. In Sagada culture, eating dog meat is acceptable. If you are an advocate of anti-dog meat eating, you might as well consider toning down your voice there.

9. Ask. If you have concerns, Sagada Igorots are diplomatic, honest people. Just like taxi drivers in Baguio City, Sagada Igorots won't take advantage of you.

10. You are most welcome in Sagada. Just help us take good care of it for the coming generations.

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Anonymous said...

Just got home from my 3D2N in Sagada. It was my first time to be there and I instantly fell in love with it-- The climate, the people, the culture, the view. I will definitely come back for more. :)

Awesome! Glad you liked my hometown.