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Into the Heart of Caramoan at Al Del Rio Homestay

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I have to admit that my recent Caramoan Islands trip was one of the luckiest, if not the greatest moments, in my life. 

Aside from having the opportunity to see a set of beautiful islands adorned with nature's masterpiece beaches, I am able to appreciate the difference between people from the metro and those in the countryside.

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A bonus from the trip, I met cheerful online writers, who work in different industries, who gave me another glimpse of how diverse life is. They write about newly-discovered holiday destinations, pieces of financial advice, and anything that crosses their mind. Now I have an addition to my list if new-found friends! 

Since the getaway was the prize for winners of the writing contest by online booking authority Travel Book PH, they found the perfect guest inn that would showcase both the hidden and exposed beauty of Caramoan Islands.

When we left the inn after the four days- three getaway, I had one thing in mind that I copied from Gen. Douglas McArthur: I shall return.

Beyond Regular Rooms: Bamboo, Tree Houses

For us to be able to feel the free-blowing wind from the beaches of Caramoan, Al Del Rio has three kinds of room accommodation: regular rooms, tree house, or bamboo house. Some of us picked the regular rooms; one opted for a tree house. I chose to stay in a regular room because I had many loads to look after.

Honestly, I was thrilled to climb the bamboo and tree houses. These are not usual offers from guest inns, and Al Del Rio just nailed it for having those kinds of special rooms.

Al Del Rio is not a hotel, so we got the ambiance of a genuine home and not a commercial space turned into a house.

When you go there, you need to see the Bamboo and Tree houses. 

Bicolano Food on the Table

Eating at Al Del Rio is the easiest way to Caramoan’s heart. We were served with freshly-picked crops like corn and banana.  Bicol Express was also served on the table and I found myself finishing everything on my plate. Extra rice was such a need there. Blame the Bicolano cuisine! I did not take many photos because I was too busy eating.

On Top of the Homey Rooms: Superior Service

At Al Del Rio, you could feel the genuine care of the people once you step into the inn. They smile and engage with you. While I was waiting for my turn to use the bathroom, the owner offered me to use the bathroom of a newly-renovated room. Now that’s a five star service!

On the second day, I was looking for a drying area for my wet clothes. I saw this which made me miss home more. It tells many things about the inn. It shows off humility and innocence.

Reserving a Room is Easy

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