Defining "Weekender" at JenMac’s Resort Tagaytay

7:00:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

At 12 in the morning, I found myself on the road heading to Tagaytay.

Vindell, a fellow at Lancris Residences, rolled the window down as we climbed the mountain from Alabang. The night was dark, but I was in no way terrorized by it.

In fact, my feet were kicking as if these were twin babies wanting to go out of their mother’s womb. I was so excited to see the other members of the gang at JenMaç’s Resort.

Hours before, my friends had an idea to go to Tagaytay to unwind and have a break from the busy metropolitan life. I was game for it so I tried to squeeze in the outing into my schedule.

At one in the morning, we reached the private resort. The next morning, I woke up to the tune of pastoral life pulling me outside. 

JenMac's was a good choice for a weekend outing. It is located hours away from Metro Manila making it a convenient venue for weekenders like me who just want to escape from the polluted and stressful panorama of the city.

To fully enjoy the weekend, I grabbed bottles of beer and shared crazy stories with my friends. No words could tell how grateful I am for making me part of the outing.

More about JenMac's Resort Tagaytay:

Rooms- Air-conditioned
Diamond Room- 8 pax- P6,800
Sapphire Room- 8 pax- P6, 800
Emerald Room- 5 pax- P4,400
Jade Room- 6 pax- P5,200
Amber Room- 3 pax- P2,800
Garnet Room- 4 pax- P3,500

Amethyst Room- 4 pax- P3,000
Family Room- 3 pax- P3,300

Small- P550
Medium- P850
Large P1,200

8:00am-5:00pm- P150/head
5:00pm-10:00pm- P200/head

Function Hall
Table Tennis
Adult & Kiddie Pool
Bar & Karaoke

For reservations, contact Jenny at:
(02) 423-1342