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5 Shocking Discoveries I Made in Kuala Lumpur

6:52:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

To bring Lancris Residences nearer to the heart of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), I accompanied my boss and a group of sellers last June in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a heart-warming meeting with about 30 Filipinos in the capital city of Malaysia. They were welcoming and was really interested in investing their hard-earned money in something that will represent all their sacrifices.

Aside from the visit to the Petronas Towers, here are the things that make the trip very memorable:

1. Nepalese Moment. A fellow thought I was a Nepalese. While fixing our stuff, I never uttered a word so there was no way the other people in the room could know my nationality. I began talking only when the set up was ready. One attendee got shocked because all the while she thought I was a Nepalese.

2. Patriotism Beyond the Sea. Filipinos love wearing Filipinanas when they are abroad. When they were asked to wear the national costume because we were set to present on the Philippine Independence Day, they did without hesitation. As a Filipino residing locally, I am not that committed to wear one when I am asked to.

3. Speak Kankanaey! It feels great to speak in my native tongue. In Metro Manila, I do not speak Ilocano or Kankanaey. In Kuala Lumpur, I spent most of my chat time with folks who speak the mentioned languages. It is quite ironic that I came to speak Ilocano in another country.

4. No Luxury At All. Filipinos are hard-working. We learned that OFWs in Malaysia have more than one day job to support their family back in the Philippines.

5. Twin Tower? There is no such thing as Petronas Twin Towers. There are three towers of the Petronas. In most photos, we see the two identical structures. But there is another tower attached to the structures owned also by Petronas. 

Before we left Malaysia, I had to make sure to try their native tea and bread. I also ate durian for the first time in my life that kept me uneasy the entire night before we came back to the Philippines.