Why This Sombrero Island Getaway is Extra Memorable

7:39:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

Travel now, pulubi later. This is true for people who are on a “isang kahig, isang tuka” mode like me. However, I am more into the memories I create in every vacation than the amount I siphoned from my pocket.

Our vacation in Batangas during the Holy Week was extra special to me because of some things worth writing. All photos are from Joanne Prieto, my office mate who used her new GoPro camera to immortalize the epic vacation. 

Here we go.

1. I was sick before and during the trip.

Yes, I had fever two days before we left for Anilao, Batangas. I was really dizzy the evening we reached the resort and vomited in the morning in front of my travel buddies. They kept on asking if I was okay, and I kept on lying.

2. There was Audrey Hepburn on the wall of our room.

A portrait of the British actress was crafted on the wall of our room. It was amazing despite the fact that I have not watched any of her movies. The owner of the resort is a Korean national and he must of is a super fan of Hepburn.

The resort had a lonely restaurant and a small swimming pool as a supplement to its “ beach-less-ness”. But people go there not to enjoy what the resort has—they go to Sombrero Island.

3. Sombrero Island’s clear water was really dazzling.

The feeling was climactic! We chartered a boat to bring us to Sombrero Island, which is 40-minutes away from the resort. The clear water and the low number of tourists made the blast! You can literally see your feet standing on the white sand. We stayed there taking photos, sunbathing, chit-chatting, and even eating singkamas. I realized eating singkamas in the sea gives the fruit the salty flavor everyone desires.


When we headed back Manila, we felt the heavy load on our shoulders. But we had no choice but to get back to reality and keep on looking for money to pay off what we have used during the memorable Batangas trip.

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