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Where to Eat in Palawan: La Terrasse!

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One rainy evening in May, I found myself in Palawan with a group of online writers wandering around the world’s most beautiful island. It was getting colder but the menu at La Terrasse, a Frech-inspired restaurant never gave me a boring time.

Jomar Javier, the restaurant’s dining supervisor with a dimple on his cheek, went out to serve us a set of what they have on the menu that has been delighting their customers for six years.

The Palawan Beer

I may be a drunkard but I really cannot give the exact description of what the bottle of Palawan Beer tasted like. I saw the residue at the bottom of the bottles and I thought of my mother who once brewed fruit wines.

The Palawan Nougat

The combination of wild honey and whole cashew nuts make this superior. If you have a tooth for sweets, you would probably get two slices. Because I was a bit full that time, I just got a slice but I was more than satisfied when the nougat started melting in my mouth.

The Meat, Organic Food

In a brief discussion, we learned that La Terrasse source goods in the local market of Palawan. This is very important to me because I know imported chicken and seafood are far cheaper than those produced in the neighborhood. They do not use canned goods. They use muscovado sugar. To make the package complete, they hand-chop meat.

The Cassava Cake

If you were with me that time, you would agree that this was my favorite. In fact, it is their best-seller. I was in total delight when I peeled off a slice. When I come back to Palawan, this would be part of my to-buy things.

The Ambiance

The area looks very French but you would not put too much emphasis on this because of the laid back surroundings. The music being played when we were there was French. They have free wi-fi. They have a function area good for 100 pax.

And this interesting food on the menu!

La Terrasse Restaurant
Rizal Avenue, Bancao Bancao, Puerto Princesa City
(48) 434 1787
Opens Tuesdays- Sundays

11AM- 11PM

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