When in Cordillera: 10 Deadly Sins You Should Never Commit

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Are you traveling to Banaue, Baguio, Kalinga, Sagada, Abra or any place in the Cordilleras to reconnect with Mother Nature and enjoy the colorful culture of the Igorots?  Take note to enjoy your vacation. And always be mindful of these things on the list.

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1. Asking where Igorots are. They are everything wearing modern clothes. They only wear their native attire during special occassions like Panagbenga, Etag, Ullalim, Strawberry and Lang-ay Fests. One is in an ABS-CBN studio doing a TV show. Two are in the Malacanang Palace guarding the President. And one is trying to compose his next blog article.

This is the very lovely Ms. Michelle Mamaril, a school mate at St. Louis University. In this Flickr photo, she shows off the beauty of an Igorota with her native beads. In another photo we stole from Facebook, she sits inside a plane as a typical career woman. Quiet, she knows nothing about this post yet.

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Photo Courtesy of Facebook

2. Saying YUCK to betel nut chewing. When you are visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces and you see red spots on the road, remember those won’t kill you. Betel nut chewing is part of the Igorot culture.

This is gawed, a kind of leaf being paired to the betel nut and ashes made from shells. Thus if you see a bag of this leaf in a store, do not wonder why they are selling raw leaves.

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3. Mobbing a celebrity jogging around Baguio. Running towards a famous actor wandering in Baguio just to get an autograph is an unaccepted behavior in the Cordilleras.

In the Cordilleras, people do not care whether the man asking them for directions is Piolo Pascual or Manny Pacquaio.

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4. Supporting the green gold industry. Help save hundreds and hundreds of families. Please you know the consequences of this illegal act. The president has already given warning to everyone.

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5. Going to Baguio without a jacket, sweater or hoodie. Unless you want to buy a thick jacket in the city, forget to bring your weapon against the cold weather.

Just a tip if you forgot to bring one, go to wagwagan or ukay-ukay stores to get second-hand clothes. You can buy original brands there. 

6. Considering trekking as a no- adventure activity. The Cordilleras have thousands of wonders that you can only enjoy only if you love trekking. Better yet, do not come to the Cordilleras if you do not like hiking or trekking. 

Check this photo of Mt. Pulag in Benguet. To be able to see the sea of clouds that this mountain offers, you need to mobilize your two feet to reach the apex of the mountain.

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7. Leaving your garbage anywhere. Trash bins have been invented for humankind. The Cordilleras do not welcome barbaric people. You know what I mean by this.

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8. Judging a man wearing an old pair of rugged jeans. He actually owns hectares and hectares of rice fields in the lowlands, and your parents might be one of his workers. Igorots are humble people so it is easy to classify which is rich and one is richer (do not get confused with my term).

9. Relying on your credit or debit card to purchase tickets and goods. Not all towns in the Cordilleras are equipped with cash machines. A vendor on the streets of Abra does not have any techie payment facility. Just bring cash and you will live.

10. Not eating at Good Taste Restaurant in Baguio. Promise, you will miss half of your life if you ignore this. Order buttered chicken, guintaang hito, and extra rice. 

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