Share: What's On My Playlist When Traveling

11:43:00 PM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

Days before I travel, I make sure to clear up my phone’s memory card by transferring photos to my laptop. I also make sure to save only my playlist that will help set the mood when on the road.

I realized Country Music is my preferred genre when traveling. However, I do not limit myself to this genre as I am a big fan of Classical, Operatic and Celtic music.

1. Viva La Vida by British band Coldplay. They're staging a concert in November here in the Philippines, and I need to be there.

2. Compass by American  country band Lady Antebellum. This became famous when I was still working in Makati. 

3. Love Love Peace Peace by Mans Zelmerlow & Petra Mede. This was performed by the duo during the Eurovision Song Contest last year. The lyrics is actually funny but true.

4. Counting Stars by One Republic. Another classic that I love listening to when I'm off the road. 

5. Carrickfergus by Charlotte Church. The Irish song captures the magic of the countryside.

6. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. If you want to emote with me, add this to your playlist. 

7. A Day Has Come by Celine Dion. This talks about hope in everything we do. Mothers agree me for sure. 

8. Forever Young by Gregorian Chant. 

9. Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban. When you're on EDSA at night, stuck in heavy traffic, ease the mood by looking for this song.

10. I See the Light by Jackie Evancho. I would like to apologize to Mandy Moore. I love the young soprano's version. 

I am sure my playlist is a bit weird to you. There are times when I only want Sarah Brightman on my playlist so I load all the English singer's songs on my phone and get a dose of her high notes every minute.

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