Maximizing Opportunities with TravelBook Affiliate Program

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When I created Capturing Footprints a few weeks ago, I only thought of sharing the lessons and tricks I learned from my adventures. However upon learning about TravelBook, I realized opportunities come with the good motive of writing about helpful articles for both travelers and tourists.

Getting approved on the TravelBook Affiliate Program gave me an idea of going the extra mile of writing more articles about wandering around my hometown Sagada, getting the best deals in my home city Baguio, our business trip in Kuala Lumpur, our grand week-long vacation in Palawan, and the other stuff on my bucket list.

Travel Book Affiliate Program is designed to reward travel writers or bloggers. Before people go to a specific place, they read blogs. These blogs give honest reviews of the food, accommodation, services, etc. offered in the place. These suggest the best hotels and transient houses, bars and restaurants, beaches and resorts, and even tour guides that should be tapped for a quality vacation.

How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program

1. Qualification. If you have a website or blogsite, whether live on its own domain or hosted on a free platform, that has a bulk of content for travelers, you are qualified.

2. Sign up for free to start application. In the form, supply your name, your website link, bank account details, and a photo of a valid ID. 

In my case, I submitted a photo of my passport. After a day, I received an email approval. 

3. Place TravelBook advertisements on your site. To install the different types of advertisements on your website, access the PROMO TOOLS on the affiliate platform.

I chose to place rectangular advertisements to hotels in areas in the Philippines to add more visual value to my site. You may explore other formats like widget and in-link ad. 

The TravelBook platform is very easy to navigate. However in case you need assistance in inserting codes to your site, get support from TravelBook since they offer free trainings. Since I am using a Blogger template, inputting the codes is really very easy. I just get my desired ad on TravelBook then insert it to the Layout of my site on Blogger.

4. Continue writing engaging articles for your readers.  When your readers see the advertisements and they need what is being advertised, they click on the ad. They are redirected to TravelBook where they book at one of the more than 2,000 hotels and house rentals in the world registered on the site with TripAdvisor reviews to guide your readers.

5. Receive Commission. In every successful booking transaction from your readers, you enjoy as much as 65% commission rate. This is just a bonus because you did not write for the commission-- instead, you wrote to help your readers with their travel needs.

6. Spend your commission wisely. I suggest using the money on your next travel adventure, donating it to charity, or buying gifts for your mom.

What I Like About TravelBook Affiliate Program

1. It is easy to get approved. They do not have a long list of qualifications to be able to qualify a blog site. On top of that, it is free.

2. The platform is easy to navigate. Upon placing my hands on the platform, I saw myself clicking and copying codes as if it was my fifth time to visit the platform.

3. They have a blogger on board. That’s Pia Bernaldo, an acquaintance of mine. Yes, it is important to have a blogger who deals with bloggers. When companies create programs for bloggers with no real blogger in the team, they are committing suicide. She is one of the main reasons why I signed up. I am confident TravelBook knows how to relate with bloggers in her presence.

4. The offers of TravelBook are a necessity. Nowadays, booking a hotel room is no longer a luxury. It is everyone’s need in this stressful world. Thus, earning is guaranteed if the affiliate program is taken seriously. 

5. Staycation rewards. TravelBook gives away free staycations and out-of-town vacations to performing affiliates. 

6. You can do this after work. After your shift, you can sit, write about your tours, and see commission incentive coming over to you as a reward.

To know more details about how to earn money through TravelBook Affiliate Program, sign up HERE. 

Learn more about this program. Click HERE. 

This is for a TravelBook Affiliate Program writing contest. However, no monetary value is provided by the host party for this post.