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Incredible: Kuala Lumpur in the Dark

6:09:00 AM Christian Aligo 2 Comments

Believe it or not, Kuala Lumpur is ten times more spectacular in the evening than it is daytime. The magnificent lights from major establishments around the famous Malaysian city capture the heart of anyone trying to discover what “truly Asia” is all about.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: Petronas TowersDid you know that there are three towers of the Petronas Towers? What you see in the right side of the first photo is the third tower. It looks differently from the famous twin towers.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: The King's House. This is not the king's house. Rather, it is the welcome arc to the king's house inside the palace's compound. It was very quiet when we reached the compound. Visitors can only reach the arc.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: The Underestimated Maybank Tower. This is located across the Petronas Towers. It glows even in daylight. I actually find it more attractive than Petronas. It looks gold to me.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: Near Petronas Towers. There are condominium towers and business establishments near the Petronas Towers. I fact, we have gone to a high-rise luxury tower where the generous guy who toured us around the city lives. 

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: The Dancing Water Fountain. This brings me back to Burnham Park in Baguio City. This is grander to the eyes. However, I find it difficult to stay outdoors to watch the show because of the tropical climate.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: For Shoppers Who Shop. One of my blazers were bought at Kuala Lumpur (thanks to my boss). My boss made me realize how important it is to bring your credit card when you are outside the country so you can shop even if you do not have cash in local currency.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: Durian Fruit Along the Streets of KL. It was my first time to eat durian that night. I spent around P200 for slices of this fruit. The succeeding hours was not that okay. My stomach may have reacted negatively to this stranger fruit.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: Travelers Everywhere. Kuala Lumpur is one of the most favorite destinations of backpackers around the world. From where we have eaten dinner, I could spot Whites mingling with locals and other tourists.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: Night Restaurants. Thanks God, the weather was cooperative when we went to the night restaurants. These are laid on the streets and we could order Thailand, Malaysian, Chinese and Indian food from these restos. It was the climax of the night for me.

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: The Kuala Lumpur Tower. This is one of my favorite sites in Malaysia. When we went to the base of the tower, I had to do tough positions just to get good photos. 

Kuala Lumpur in the Dark: European- Style EstablishmentS and Park. Because I was very amused with what I saw from the park, I never minded to ask about these establishments.

Later on, I will be posting more photos of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stay tuned in!