Did You Know These About Sagada?

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Are you ready to conquer the woodlands, caves, rough roads, and cold climate of Sagada? Before hitting the road, I advise you to go through these for a more satisfied vacation in the Cordillera town.

Info 1: Sagada people are modern people like you.

Sagada people wear modern clothes. They only dress up in their native attire during special occasions like community rituals and weddings. During ordinary days, Sagada people wear jeans and t-shirts. Check out this photo of my two nephews!

Info 2: Sagada people are Christians.

Most people, if not all, in Sagada are Anglicans. But they still practice animism as part of their tradition. Even if they attend Church on Sundays, Sagada people still believe that they live with the living spirits of their forefathers. They butcher pigs to please the unseen. They believe they did something wrong when they get an unusual illness.

Info 3: Sagada people do not care about your celebrity status.

Celebrities are a living proof that when they go to Sagada, they do not bother being mobbed by fans hungry for their autograph. And they do not even send away press releases saying notable scenes on That Thing Called Tadhana and Till There Was You were shot in Sagada.

Info 4: Non-Sagada people are less likely to be allowed to invest in a real estate property in Sagada.

For sure many foreigners and lowlanders showed interest in a buying huge parcels of land in Sagada. However, selling of land to non-Sagada people is considered taboo in Sagada. Thus, dream no more of putting up a retirement village, luxury hotel, or ev en a resort in the famous town.

Info 5: Paolo Avelino’s mother is from Sagada.

Yes you heard it right, the actor’s mother is fro Sagada. However, it is a less known fact among people in Sagada that the actor is one of their people. To know more, CLICK HERE.

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