Basic Ilocano for Those Traveling to Northern Philippines

7:08:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

Starting Tarlac and Pampanga, the Ilocano or Iloco language is being spoken by some locals. Aside from the Ilocos regions (Vigan, La Union, Pangasinan, Ilocano is also widely used in the Cordilleras (Baguio, Sagada, Banaue) , Nueva Viscaya (Bayombong), Isabela, and Cagayan Valley.

Here are basic words and phrases that you should know when you want to have a more engaging travel to the North of the Philippines!

Mangan! – Let’s eat!
When you are eating dinner: Mangan. We have veggies for dinner. 

Panam or Papanam?- Where are you going?
When you are asking someone if he is going to Baguio or Sagada: Papanam? Baguio or Sagada?

Napintas. – Beautiful.
When you want to tell someone that she is beautiful: You are napintas just like your mother.

Ania ti naganmo?- What is your name?
When you want to know his name: Ania ti naganmo? It is John or Wilbur?

Naimbag nga aldaw!- Good morning!
When you want to greet the driver: Naimbag nga aldaw Kuya Driver!

Diak maawatan- I don’t understand.
When you do not understand the directions: Diak maawatan. The directions are unclear.

Mano daytoy?- How much is this?
When you are asking about the price: Mano daytoy? Eighteen pesos?

Agyamanak- Thank you.
When you want to thank someone: Agyamanak for your help.

Ay ayatendaka- I love you.
When you want to tell her about your feelings: Ay ayatendaka Maria.

Because I was born in Sagada, we only talk in this language when we meet our cousins whose first language is Ilocano. I mastered it when I was college wherein my friends are from La Union and Pangasinan. 

If you have heard of a phrase that you do not understand, place them in the comment section and I will do the translation for you.