19 Most Scenic Morning Photos in Palawan

7:12:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

Every time I get stressed, I open the folder from our Palawan trip and go through the photos I took around Microtel by Wyndham in Puerto Princesa.

Here are the 19 photos that give me much refreshment!

1. The Clouds Against the Light

2. The Blue Sky Awakening

3. The Calm Beach 

4. Cotton Candies in the Sky

5. The Confused Morning

6. A Kiss of Heaven and Earth

7. Footprints of Man's Best Friend  

 8. Dreaming of a Pastoral Life

9. The Calming Waters 

10. Into the Sky 

11. Greens in the Water

12. I See Three Coconut Trees 

13. The Morning Glory of the Night

14. Morning Has Broken

15. The Common Ground

16. Never Have They Landed on Earth

17. In the Clear Waters, I See Them Both 

18. Feathers Glowing in the Sky

19. The Day Has Finally Arrived

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