10 Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart in Sagada

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If you are heart-broken, hit the road to Sagada before you become very ugly from your those eye bugs from endless crying. Sagada will lead you back to sanity. 

1. After eating snack at Lemon Pie House, list down 10 lies that he had been telling you. Of course, do not forget to include this on the list: I LOVE YOU FOREVER. That is the biggest lie his mouth has uttered and your stupid heart has ever believed. 

Rule: Do not do this when you are still hungry.

2. Smile at random guys on the road. One of them might be your next. One of those guys waiting for the next bus trip might have been waiting for your arrival. Thus, be ready. 

Reminder: In case it seems Sagada has no fish for you, the good Lord must have another plan for the convent.

3. Watch sunrise at Kiltepan Viewdeckk alone. Doing it alone is financially favorable. You do not have to pay for another person's coffee. 

Rule: Do not listen to music while seeing the sun rays travel through the clouds. You might remember his disgusting face again. 

(Photo courtesy of YouTube)

4. After conquering Sumaguing Cave, go spelunking to see more mysterious rock formations. Give yourself a break and look for something more challenging than just crying over a wasted affair.

Rule: Do not fall in love with your tour guide.

5. At night in Igorot Inn, watch Titanic to know that even the most romantic tale of all time has a disastrous ending. If you are not yet satisfied with one movie, try Romeo and Juliet

Reminder: You may bring tissue rolls with you in bed. Have mercy upon your pillow.

(Photo courtesy of Belfast Telegraph)

6. Drink coffee at Gaia’s while counting the pine trees on the Cordillera Mountain Ranges. If you are done counting the pine trees, you are ready to move on.

Rule: In this post, know what figure of speech is all about. 

7. Go to the Orange Farm and pick fresh oranges there. To know how your feelings to your ex is, taste the fruit.

Reminder: Sagada stawberry is real. Sagada grapes is not. 

8. Before reaching Echo Valley, drop by the cemetery. Spend time identifying which tomb has the oldest.

Reminder: Use subtraction to help you with this crazy mission. 

9. Buy fresh vegetables from the farm on a Saturday morning. Make a bowl of salad for yourself. Eating salad makes you feel sexy again.

Rule: Sharing is sexy, especially if you share your salad with me.

10. Go to Marlboro Country's Blue Soil. Post a photo of the mountain and ask your friends to guess where on earth are you.

Idea: Tell them you are in Canada. 

Do you have the 11th way? Post it in the comment section.

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