When In Sagada: Jeepney Top Load Views

6:58:00 AM Christian Aligo 0 Comments

Whenever I go home to Sagada, I make sure to ride on top of a jeepney to have a new level of reconnecting with my birth town.

This morning, I saw photos of my niece and nephew harvesting corn in the field. I suddenly started to miss the smell of peanuts and corn fresh from the boiling water in the fireplace.

I hope to go home in September. And when I come home, I hope to see Sagada using my old style of touring my hometown.

My most favorite time to wander around Sagada is four in the afternoon when the sun is setting in the west.

Wearing shorts and a pair of running shoes, I start my humble tour. Some people think that I am copying the style of Tagalog tourists but no, I am just wearing what makes me comfortable.

I go to the woods in Langtiw which houses the Sumaguing and Lumiang caves. Gathering mushroom there has been our pastime when we were kids.

My tour will not be complete without riding on top of a jeep. Here’s what I enjoy on top of the jeep:

The Sagada Lemon Pie House. I think this is the most famous snack house in Saagada nowadays. There was this time when I had to buy two boxes of lemon pie from them for my office mates in Baguio because they were all telling me to do so.

The Irritating "Parkers". I hate to say this but what is making Sagada a less desirable place to go are these cars parked on one lane of the road. Sagada could have been richer if it charge

The Pine Trees. I love seeing the trees. They remind me of my humble youth. Now as a grown up, I see trees as a commodity. We cut trees to build homes; we cut trees to make a living.