Arnold’s Boodle Fight by the Baywalk

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Seven years ago before Puerto Princesa is able to attract thousands and thousands of tourists to see the Underground River, Arnold Buenafe was among the locals who would spend his free time in Baybay, a poorly-lit area leading to the Palawan sea.

It never occurred to anyone that the “tambayan”, which is now part of the famous Puerto Princesa Baywalk, would later give him a big business opportunity.

“Kapag brown-out, dito kami tumatambay”, recalled Arnold. He shared houses erected along the bay was burned down in an unfortunate event years before.

An idea of putting up a business in that area came to reality when he started a small coffee shop there. However he realized locals of Puerto Princesa are not really into coffee.

As an entrepreneur, Arnold should think of something that would keep his business going. And the old magic word arrived to his mind: food!

When he added food to the menu, success came pouring making Arnold's one of the most visited establishments in Puerto Princesa.

In Demand: Banana Leaves

When my team of online writers arrived on the Baywalk, it took us some time to look for a vacant table for us to taste what Arnold has cooked for us. All tables were occupied that time.

While I am curious as to how their dishes taste, I was also interested in the story of Arnold. I learned Arnold works as a human resource (HR) executive in daytime and spends the rest of the day managing the restaurant business with his wife.

When asked about challenges of putting up a restaurant, he smiled and told us about the spoons frequently disappearing after customers use them. This led him to further specialize in offering boodle fights where eating need neither spoon nor fork.

However boodle fights require banana leaves. And in that evening when we showed up for the media event, Arnold apologized to us because they could not find a supplier of banana leaf. 

Instead, we were given plates. But this never mattered to us.

Seafood + Beer on the Menu

As a highlander, I could not identify the seafood dishes served to us except for the seaweeds which is my favorite.

At Arnold’s, you could check what they have on stall.  After pinpointing what you want, they will cook it for you.

The market is local Palawenyos-- Puerto Princesa is a melting pot. With a budget of P500, at most five persons can enjoy a good meal by the baywalk.

Beer is also served to pair with the delicious dishes. After eating, I grabbed a bottle of beer as my dessert. 

Birthday celebrations can also be held at Arnold’s. My companions had no idea I was about to celebrate my 2*th birthday that day when we were at Arnold's. 

Arnold's opens from six in the morning until two at dawn to serve Palawenyos with boodle fight meals.

Sea Urchen on the Menu!

During our conversation, Arnold announced a new set of dishes are set to be launched. Included is the very notorious crocodile sisig and sea urchen!

Because of our confused gesture, Arnold signaled his hand to one of his staff and a plate arrived on our table with Crocodile Barbecue. Promise, it tasted like chicken!

When I come back to Puerto Princesa, the first thing I will visit would be Arnold’s to taste Crocodile Sisig which remains a fantasy to me.

The Original Boodle Fight & Buffet


Concrete Stall No. 3 PPC, Baywalk
Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Puerto Princesa City


0977-171-9172 (Globe)
0918-711-0878 (Smart)


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