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The last day of a vacation is always the most memorable part of the trip. If a trip ends in a crazy note, it seems that the entire trip was such a series of craziness.

During the last two nights of our Palawan grand holiday, Asturias Hotel became our home.
Going home to our hotel room after spending the day touring majestic destinations could be an insignificant part of the day.  But things went different in Palawan.

Reaching Asturias always gave me a new kind of energy to continue enjoying the day within the bounds of the hotel. Here are the incredible things I did while staying at Asturias which I recommend you to try, too.

Reconnect with Work through their Fast Wi-Fi Connection at the Lobby

While the internet connection in our room was slow, the connection at the hotel lobby was fast. Every morning before breakfast, I would take my laptop to the lobby.

I would reply to my emails, check documents, and chat with important persons. Thus, I was connected with my world in Metro Manila assisting property consultants to beat their quota and reporting to my big bosses regarding our reports.

Wander Around the Lobby As if It Was My Living Room

Without my laptop, I sat one time at the lobby. The lobby is one of the best assets of Asturias.

The lobby ceiling is very high, giving guests a feeling of freedom. I could see people climbing to the second floor for an event.

I also noticed they have a monitor near the reception tat flashes documented guests. How I wish my name was flashed there also!

Three Refills of Coffee in the Morning

I have to admit coffee is becoming my comfort food.

While eating breakfast, I would exchange stories with our co-writers, and as we move on from one story to another, I also come back and forth the coffee station refilling my cup.

I realized their coffee is compatible with my stomach. This may sound rare but my stomach develops colic spasm, so I need to taste whether a certain food is okayed by my stomach or not.

Fortunately, the coffee at Asturias is approved by my stomach so I had the luxury for a third refill.

I Went to the Billiard Hall Without Playing Billiards

During our first night at Asturias, we spent the evening at the billiard hall. The boys played billiards while the girls keyed in their songs to the videoke machine.

I was in the corner enjoying the view of these guys doing their thing. They teased me to sing, but I made them lucky not to hear my voice.

The best thing I did was to identify the singers painted on the wall wherein I realized British singer Amy Winehouse is less known in the Philippines country unlike Adele. My companions had no clue who the heck that girl was.

Woke Up at Five in the Morning for Pasalubong Reasons

After sleeping for  two hours, my phone’s alarm started to wake me up. I grabbed my pink pouch bag, a pasalubong from Vietnam, and headed to the Puerto Princesa public market to buy pasalubong for my loved ones in Paranaque.

I had all the instructions on how to get to the public market. Asturias is located near the high way so it has an easy access to tricycles.

After buying pasalubong, I went back and reached my co-writers still under the sheet.

An Inconvenient Last-Minute Swimming

Our call time for the shuttle to the airport was nine in the morning. At 8:30, we found ourselves finishing breakfast.

Because I have not tried the swimming pool yet, I directly hit the pool for some last-minute swimming. For 10 minutes, I was joined by a fellow writer to enjoy the pool.

When we toured around Asturias, we learned there are new rooms that they offer. They had a new building that offers similar comfort to guests.

We also saw their fitness gym which was previously opened to guests. However, it is not a common scenario seeing a guest going to the gym during his stay in a hotel.

Inside Asturias, they also have a travel agency office that could arrange tours in the locality. When I asked about the target market of Asturias, I was told that they cater to corporate outings. Thus, they have this very nice function room in the new building.

For more details about Asturias, visit HERE

Asturias Hotel - Palawan
Operated by CityState 

South National Highway, Tiniguiban 
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Telephone Numbers:
(6348) 4339744 / 4343747
Fax Number: (6348) 4343750


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